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9-11 May 2008

Stanley Cavell and Literary Criticism

Welcome to the Stanley Cavell and Literary Criticism conference website.

Speakers include: Russell Goodman, Jay Bernstein, Joan Richardson, as well as the participation of Stanley Cavell.

Stanley Cavell's work has been influential for the theory and practice of literary criticism for many years. From his consideration of Beckett and Shakespeare in his first book, Must We Mean What We Say? (1969), to his work on the philosophical projects of Wittgenstein and Austin to his consistent engagement with the writing of Emerson and American Romanticism, Cavell's philosophical concerns are invariably grounded in the problems and challenges offered by literary texts. This conference, the first to consider explicitly the connection between philosophical practice and literary art in Cavell, brings together established and younger scholars from both sides of the Atlantic to explore the impact of his work both as and for literary criticism.

Stanley Cavell

Photograph taken by Alison Redlich


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