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Monday 5 July

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1D Modelling of the Arterial System   Keynote: Prof. Peter Hunter Arterial Flow Lunch & Poster Exhibitions Perren Awards   Atherosclerosis: Flow Modelling and Dynamics Poster Presentation

Welcome Reception

Non-Cardiovascular Biofluid Mechanics Airway Meniscus, Ligaments & Tendons
Foot & Ankle I Foot & Ankle II Muscle Mechanics
Fracture & Bone Healing Bone Loading & Differentiation  
Spine I Spine II Knee Forces
Remodelling & Adaptation Bone Micro+Nano Mechanics I Bone Micro+Nano Mechanics II

Tuesday 6 July

0830   1030 1130 1300 1400   1530 1700 1900
Aneurysms: Haemodynamics and Mechanics   Keynote: Prof. Alison Noble Cardiac: Flow Modelling & FSI

Lunch & Poster Exhibitions

Student Presentations: Prof. Marco Viceconti

Student Awards   Occupational Biomechanics Whisky Tasting Student members meeting
Muscle Tissue Skin & Soft Tissue Mechanics  
Knee Mechanics I Knee Mechanics II Sports Biomechanics
Bone Mechanobiology Intervertebral Disc & Cartilage Mechanosensing
Hip Anthroplasty I Hip Anthroplasty II Spinal Implants
Cancellous Bone Bone Imaging & Computation I Bone Imaging & Computation II

Wednesday 7 July

0830   1030 1130 1300 1400   1530 1700 1900
Stents: Modelling and Mechanics   Keynote: Prof. Allen Goodship Modelling of Cardiovascular Prostheses Lunch & Poster Exhibitions ESB Clinical Biomechanics Awards   Total Shoulder Replacement ESB General Assembly Dinner Party
Cartilage I Cartilage II  
Upper Limb Motion Musculoskeletal Modelling Motion Analysis
Tissue Engineering I Tissue Engineering II Distraction Osteogenesis
Knee Anthroplasty: Fixation Patello-Femoral Mechanics Wear
Bone Loading Bone Strength Vertebral Mechanics

Thursday 8 July

0830   1030 1130 1300
Head, Eye & Maxillofacial   Keynote: Prof. Duncan Dowson Modelling Close
ESBiomaterials: Tissue Engineering Scaffolds


Ligament & Bone Substitutes

Animal Biomechanics Hip Motion

Bone Cement

Injury & Forensic Biomechanics
Spine III Spine IV
Bone Dental Fracture Healing

Oral Sessions

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Monday 5 July - 0830-1000
1D Modelling of the Arterial System
  316 Physical meaning of the inertial term in four-element windkessel models: Assessment by generalized sensitivity function analysis Burattini
  628 Numerical Simulation of Pulse Wave Transmission in Arteries under Different Downstream Conditions Shi
  677 On Aortic Stenosis and Coarctation of the Aorta Respective Impacts on Left Ventricular Function
  678 A computational model to support the decision-making in vascular access planning Huberts
  1107 Determination of the dynamic behaviour of the cephalic vein Lavrijsen
Non-Cardiovascular Biofluid Mechanics
  93 Computational modelling of amino acid transfer interactions in the placenta Sengers
  778 Modelling of hierarchically perfused tissue with application to cerebral blood flow - homogenization of dual-porous layers
  978 Long-distance liquid transport in plants and animals: common regularities and evolutionary optimization approach Kizilova
  635 Modelling of passive planar valves for application in micropumping systems Bertarelli
  975 Fluid Shear Stress Modules Tubular Kidney Epithelial Cell Structure In Vitro Remuzzi
  402 Can canalith clustering explain the fatigue of top-shelf vertigo? Obrist
Foot & Ankle I
  151 Effect of extrinsic foot musculature on centre of pressure displacement and contact area variation Burg
  298 Influence of footwear-generated biomechanical manipulations on the muscle activity in the lower extremity of healthy subjects Wolf
  309 Interface Forces between the Lower Limb and an Ankle-Foot Orthosis -Assessment of User Comfort and Actuation Effort Silva
  371 The effect of different footwear on walking in children Vanwanseele
  665 Constructing smooth finite element models of patient specific ankle foot orthoses Praet
  1060 Pressure distribution, by quadrants on shod amputees and controls Mendes
Fracture & Bone Healing
  140 Mechanobiology of trabecular fracture healing in vertebral bodies: a multi-scale approach Kelly
  295 Mechano-biological rules describing bone apposition during fracture healing: Comparison of the medial and lateral callus formation Witt
  594 A hybrid model for the simulation of angiogenesis during bone fracture healing Geris
  624 Optimum mechanical conditions for bone healing are dependent on
the levels of progenitor cells: an in silico investigation
  736 In silico modeling of the growth of a new bone trabecula Badilatti
  828 A Method to monitor Tissue Maturation in Bone Defect Healing of Rats Wulsten
Spine I
  244 Mechanical function of specific anatomical structures in the cervical spine Stefanakis
  379 Respective Influences of Geometrical and Mechanical Parameters on the Motion Patterns of the Lower Cervical Spine: a Parametric and Subject-Specific Finite Element Study. Laville
  566 Investigation of the influence of interbody fusion on biomechanics of the cervical spine Lehner
  872 Influence of the Intersomatic Fusion on the Adjacent Levels, using a Co-Simulation between the Multibody System Dynamics and the Finite Element Method Folgado
  1084 Augmentation of Human Spines Does Not Fully Restore Their Kinematic Behavior under Complex Loading Alkalay
Remodelling & Adaptation
  237 Fluid pressure may lead to subchondral bone cysts via mechanoregulated bone remodeling
  684 Direct effect of glucocorticoids on osteoclasts: simulation of mechanical consequences Vanderoost
  844 Adaptive Bone Remodelling in the Alveolar Bone Around Fully Osseointegrated Dental Implants Keilig
  1112 A new 'predator-prey' based simulation of the BMU remodelling cycle Fagan
Monday 5 July - 1130-1300
Arterial Flow
  274 MRI/CFD-based methodology for realistic blood flow simulations:
In-vitro validation and in-vivo applications
  381 In-vitro Hemodynamic Feature Investigation on Stenotic Right Coronary Artery according to the Flow Rate Ji
  431 The influence of swirling flow in a patient-specific aorta under LVAD support Brown
  651 Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Hybrid Norwood Circulation Corsini
  800 Insight into the Physiological Relevance of Helical Blood Flow in the Human Aorta. Morbiducci
  995 Endothelial strain distribution in human left main coronary bifurcation: In vivo study based on dynamic CT and MRI measurements Ohayon
Bone Loading & Differentiation
  173 Morphological Changes in Cancellous Bone Predicted by Trabecular Remodeling Simulation Considering Interstitial Fluid Flow
  452 Musculoskeletal loads in the hindlimb of the rat during gait Wehner
  572 Effect of Abnormal Limb Musculature on Skeletal Development: Morphological Effects Nowlan
  682 Loading reverses cortical but not trabecular bone loss in 12 month old mice Lambers
  761 Individual-specific cell process rates explains variability in tissue differentiation experiment Khayyeri
  1076 A Mathematical Model of Epiphyseal Develoment: Growth Pattern of the Secondary Ossification Center Peinado
Foot & Ankle II
  107 Effects of tactile paving on toe clearance in older adults. Thies
  497 New insights in foot and ankle joint coupling by means of a foot and ankle kinematic model Dubbeldam
  717 Spinal Pattern Generators for the Study of Electromyographic Patterns Produced at the Ankle Chong
  849 The Influence of Asymmetrical Ankle Loads on Interlimb Coordination During Walking Russell
  1050 Foot Pressure and COP in the Athletes with Ankle Instability during Lateral Shuffle Lin
  1117 Towards an accurate Biomechanical Model of the Ankle Arakilo
  358 Volumetric Segmentation of Human Airway using Deformable Models Yeo
  404 New Insights into the Biofluid Dynamics in the Utricle of the Vestibular System Boselli
  626 Treatment Planning Technique of Rhinosurgery using Computational Fluid Dynamics Hemtiwakorn
  908 One-dimensional modelling of pulse wave propagation in a model of Human airways Clavica
  928 RANS Simulation in Nasal Cavity Flow: A Patient-specific Model Saksono
  933 Mixing processes in the lung based on particle tracking simulations Borer
Spine II
  15 The effects of upper limb loading on spinal shrinkage during teadmill walking Watson
  245 Cervical spine instability: What determines the size of the 'neutral zone'? Stefanakis
  433 Frequency-, magnitude- and amplitude-dependent properties in anterior-posterior shear of human male motion segments in relation to age, posture and disc degeneration Skrzypiec
  456 Influence of interpersonal geometrical variation on spinal stiffness Meijer
  488 Effects of supported and normal treadmill walking on healthy middle-aged spines Kaliarntas
  923 Is the compressive dynamic hysteresis of spinal segments influenced by age or flexion? Huber
Bone Micro+Nano Mechanics I
  90 Molecular Deformation Mechanism in Cortical Bone Probed by Fluorescent dyes Akkus
  217 Microindentation can discriminate between damaged and intact human bone tissue Dall'Ara
  479 The importance of bone ultrastructure for microdamage accumulation Schneider
  991 Dynamic 3D investigation of microdamage behavior in murine cortical bone Levchuk
  670 Effect of tissue preservation on greyscale values in microCT images of ovine vertebral trabecular bone Garner
Monday 5 July - 1530-1700
Atherosclerosis: Flow Modelling and Dynamics
  333 A 3D Model of Plaque Formation and Development in the Coronary Artery Filipovic
  465 A Constitutive Model to Describe Plasticity in Fresh Human Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque Maher
  561 Finite Element Modelling of Diseased Carotid Bifurcations; Identification of a Potential Clinical Indicator of Plaque Vulnerability Creane
  625 Study on various haemodynamic parameters in a patient-specific carotid bifurcation Bevan
  896 A CFD Model of Arterial Thromboembolism Using FSI Large Strain Formulation Fatouraee
  1092 3D parametric study of the biomechanical factors in evaluating the risk of plaque rupture
Meniscus, Ligaments & Tendons
  32 Cadaveric Evaluation of a Glenohumeral Ligament Model Southgate
  176 Forces in the meniscotibial insertions strongly depend on the meniscal material conditions Lubomierski
  506 Behaviour of the anterior structures of the meniscus under complex loading situations Seitz
  760 Mechanical properties of human meniscal ligaments Dürselen
  861 SPARK null mice - a possible model for tendinopathy? Thompson
Muscle Mechanics
  121 An Application of Virtual Reality and Learning Systems to Physiotherapy Wolf
  163 Estimation for Lombard's paradox of human M. gastrocnemius Ertelt
  172 Using CellML to Solve Models of Skeletal Muscle Contraction Harrington
  205 Acute effects of local muscle fatigue on the recruitment of muscle synergists depending on the joint position Stutzig
  361 Excess mass affects the isokinetic parameters of quadriceps muscle in pre-pubertal children Shultz
  925 Visualization of Changes in Muscular Activation during Barefoot and Shod Running Kugler
Knee Forces
  146 The influence of footwear on the loading of the knee joint - measured in three subjects in vivo by an instrumented knee implant Kutzner
  223 Effect of Valgus Bracing on the Loading of the Medial Knee Compartment Bergmann
  382 Contact forces in several TKA designs during a squat movement: a numerical sensitivity analysis Innocenti
  611 Biomechanical Analysis of Posterior Cruciate Ligament Balancing Strategies on Total Knee Arthroplasty Loading Zelle
  453 Strain response and RSA of an instrumented intramedullary nail subjected to axial compression/bending and torque loading Mahmood
Bone Micro+Nano Mechanics II
  91 High Local Deformation Colocalized with Optical Changes in Cortical Bone under Tension Akkus
  447 Viscoelastic properties of bone measured by creep decrease with age based on macroscopic testing and nanoindentation Isaksson
  1111 Strain mapping and deformable image registration for the assessment of cortical bone microdamage and fracture propagation Christen
  709 Can the Mechanical Properties of Noncollagenous Proteins Influence Whole Bone Mechanics? Thurner
  1033 Effects of Chondroadherin and Osteoadherin on the Mechanical Properties of Murine Bones Tanner
Tuesday 6 July - 0830 - 1000
Aneurysms: Haemodynamics and Mechanics
  18 Failure Criteria for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Volokh
  256 Identification of Rupture Locations in Patient-Specific Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Using Experimental and Computational Techniques Doyle
  999 FE sensitivity analyses to estimate the role of the thrombus in an aortic aneurysm Celi
  1059 Patient-Specific Blood Flow Modelling in a Thoracic Aorta with an Aneurysm and a Kink Sazonov
  1064 3D geometric characterization of terminal cerebral aneurysms. Piccinelli
Muscle Tissue
  67 Lateral muscle loading influences contraction dynamics and muscle force Siebert
  156 The relationship between Triceps-Surae Musculotendinous Stiffness
and the Plantar Pressure behavior of Postmenopausal women
  201 Utilization of MR diffusion tensor imaging to reconstruct the calf muscle architecture in Oryctolagus cuniculus Küpper
  228 Ultrasound Imaging to Scale Strength in Patient Specific Musculoskeletal Models. Worsley
  310 Effect of age on muscle stiffness with Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) technique Debernard
  369 Anatomically Based, Computationally Accurate and Efficient Finite Element Model of Skeletal Muscle for Large Deformation Mechanics Mithraratne
Knee Mechanics I
  36 An Exploration of the Appropriateness of Coronal Knee Mechanics in the Assessment of TKA Outcome Thewlis
  331 Knee model using articular shape knowledge Schwartz
  977 Are there differences in knee joint kinematics and kinetics for different stair gait cycles? Whatling
  1032 Using real-time biofeedback to modulate knee adduction moments during walking in patients with knee OA: A three-month follow-up Yack
  1109 Change in Overall Knee Stiffness as a Function of Flexion Angle Cyr
  293 Adductor moment reduction in medial compartment knee OA via center of pressure modulation: A prospective gait analysis study Wolf
Bone Mechanobiology
  152 A Pore Network Model to Determine the Intrinsic Permeability of Trabecular Bone Widmer
  410 A sclerostin-based theory for strain-induced bone formation van Rietbergen
  685 3D assessment of the lacuno-canalicular network within bone using FIB/SEM Chiapparini
  1002 Simulation of BMU activity and mineralization in trabecular bone for the measurement of BMDD Santos
  1035 Classification of vessel function through shape analysis of osteocyte lacunae Mader
  700 Mechano-regulation of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and collagen organisation during skeletal tissue regeneration Nagel
Hip Arthroplasty I
  218 The Effect of Varus and Valgus Alignment on Hip Stem Long-Term Performance Ruben
  230 Towards FE Optimization of a Cementless Implant Design using Porous Tantalum Tarala
  622 A Wax Barrier Method to Simulate Bony Resorption in Cemented Total Hip Replacements Mann
  829 The effect of primary stability on the migration patterns of cementless THR. Simpson
  1007 A New Device for the Investigation of Artificial Hip Joint Vibrations Hothan
  1114 Rapid Analysis of Implant Positioning Effects in Cementless Total Hip Replacements Bah
Cancellous Bone
  401 Damage Behaviour of Vertebral Trabecular Bone in Compression, Tension and Torsion Wolfram
  708 Elastic-plastic fracture toughness of Cancellous Bone Kalaitzidis

A strain-adaptive continuum orthotropic model of trabecular bone architecture

  211 Mechanoregulated bone remodeling may explain bone structural changes in osteoarthritis Cox
Tuesday 6 July - 1130 - 1300
Cardiac: Flow Modelling & FSI
  268 Microscale Flow Structures Measured Downstream of a Mechanical Heart Valve Bellofiore
  627 Modeling Flow in a Left Ventricle using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Shahriari
  779 Fluid-Structure Interaction of the Human Heart using a fully anisotropic hyperelastic description of the Myocardium
  790 Fluid Structure Interaction Models of the Mitral Valve Lau
  957 Mitral valve finite element modeling from cardiac magnetic resonance imaging: patient-specific quantitative analysis Stevanella
  1029 Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of the Flow Through a Stenotic Aortic Valve Maleki
Skin & Soft Tissue Mechanics
  233 A confined compression finite deformation biphasic model of soft tissue that includes strain-dependent osmotic pressure: theory and experimental validation Riches
  357 Determination of the mechanical properties and in vivo tension of human skin Flynn
  467 The study of non linear Mechanical Properties on Soft Tissue of Human Forearm Guo
  787 Quantifying the Mechanical Properties of Human Skin Layers to Evaluate the Mechanics of Skin Penetration by Microneedle Devices Groves
  914 Skin wrinkles: What matters Limbert
  1113 Non-invasive Measurement of 3D Soft Tissue Deformation and Force: Application to Indentation Tests on the Human Upper Arm Moerman
Knee Mechanics II
  137 Single-leg Hop Landing Mechanics in the ACL-Reconstructed Knee Deneweth
  139 Integrative Impact of Tibial Slope and Tibial Acceleration on ACL Injury Risk McLean
  257 Association between lower extremity posture and peak knee valgus moment during side-step cutting Jorrakate
  475 The Anterior Cruciate Ligament Does Not Stabilize Internal Tibial Rotation - An in vitro study of tibiofemoral kinematics under physiological loading conditions
  686 Effect of localized muscle fatigue on force fluctuations in knee extensors in young adults Singh
  1031 Association between Muscle Activation Patterns, Muscle Strength, and Knee Mechanics during a Jump Landing Task Varies across Maturation Beaulieu
Intervertebral Disc & Cartilage
  178 Depth-dependent Stimulation of Proteoglycan Synthesis by Sliding Indentation Kock
  210 Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Nucleus Pulposus Cells Welz
  419 Nanostiffness is an Effective Biomarker to Assess Normal, Diseased and Engineered Articular Cartilage Stolz
  443 Torsion Increases Intervertebral Disc Cell Survival in Organ Culture Chan
  1082 Articular cartilage damage by accumulation of load: A phenomenological model Landinez-Parra
  1103 Can mechanical stimulation create a cartilaginous joint in vivo? A simulation study Lutianov
Hip Arthroplasty II
  412 Long-term In Vitro Assessment of Cement Fixation in Acetabular Replacements Tong
  530 Pre-clinical Analysis of Uncemented Metallic Acetabular Component Ghosh
  638 The relationship between acetabular component inclination and contact stress in metal-on-metal hip resurfacing Mellon
  664 A Numerical Study Exploring the Possibilities of Cementless Femoral Resurfacing Gupta
  836 Notching the Femoral Neck Following Hip Resurfacing may not cause catastrophic failure. Simpson
  912 An Automated, Large Scale Finite Element Study into the Influence of Under and Over Sizing Femoral Resurfacing on Load Transfer Through the Proximal Femur Bryan
Bone Imaging & Computation - I
  405 Tissue Level Straining in Sheep and Human differs in Pattern, but not Magnitude Poepplau
  576 Can strength predictions of the human distal radius be improved by simulating more realistic fall-loading characteristics? Knippels
  773 Evaluation of strains in the human femur with Meshless Cell Method: comparison with FE models and experimental measurements
  792 Generality and accuracy of Mesh Morphing in the human femur Schileo
  916 Validation of a Finite Element Model of Human Tibia for Crash Simulation Asgharpour
Tuesday 6 July - 1530 - 1700
Occupational Biomechanics
  325 Power absorbed by seated people during whole-body fore-and-aft vibration Nawayseh
  387 Orthodontic Tooth Movement of Single and Multi-Rooted Teeth: Strains and Stress Levels in the Periodontium Assessed by FE-Analyses Cattaneo
  547 Strength requirements for four-caster vehicle manoeuvres: first order model and validation Abraham
  755 Virtual fit of helmets and gloves for the evaluation of individual protection equipments Rupérez
Sports Biomechanics
  34 Flow around a human underwater undulatory swimmer Hochstein
  584 Gait Event Detection During Over-Ground and Treadmill Running Leitch
  642 Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of Elite Rowers in Three Dimensions Murphy
  805 Stability analysis of motion patterns in biathlon shooting using self-organizing maps Baca
  1038 The effect of ski boot ramp angle on kinetics and COP location in on-hill turns Edgecombe
  260 Modeling of cell migration and mechano-sensing in 3D Garcia-Aznar
  281 The Large Deformation Mechanics of Cells in Three-Dimensions Gefen
  726 Are T lymphocytes mechanosensitive? Bieler
  960 Development of a mixed-mode cohesive zone model for cell-substrate interfaces O Mairtin
  1044 Simulating active stress fibre remodeling and contractility in cells subjected to cyclic stretching McGarry
  1056 Adaptation of cellular forces in a mechanically active environment Petersen
Spinal Implants
  56 The purpose of this study is to compare the biomechanical characteristics of TLIF combined with Coflex-F or with unilateral pedicle screw fixation Lo
  182 In vitro Flexibility Characteristics of different Interspinous Implants Schilling
  187 Multilevel Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty leads to unfavorable kinematics, high facet forces and lift-off phenomena Schmidt
  191 Hierarchical topology optimization of the biodegradable intervertebral fusion cage attaining designs for manufacturability Coelho
  705 Axial characterization of a novel biomimetic artificial intervertebral disc van den Broek
Bone Imaging & Computation - II
  225 Determination of in-vivo vertebral and femoral trabecular morphology and stiffness using a flat-panel CT fluoroscopy approach Mulder
  240 Calibrated HR-pQCT-based microFE Models of Ultra-Distal Radius Sections Provide Outstanding Prediction of Experimental Colles' Fracture Load Varga
  582 Determining local anisotropy in clinical CT images using a new orientation detection method: Grey Level Deviation (GLD) Lenaerts
  740 Subject-specific FE models can predict strain levels and failure characteristics of the human femur in side-fall conditions Grassi
  742 The uniformity of bone tissue density Tassani
Wednesday 7 July - 0830 - 1000
Stents: Modelling and Mechanics
  376 Finite Element Analysis of patient specific carotid artery stenting Conti
  422 Structural and fluid-dynamic analyses of stenting procedures in coronary bifurcations Morlacchi
  462 Finite element modelling of biodegradable Magnesium stent Gastaldi
  733 Differences in the biomechanics of stenting between porcine and human arteries: Implications for pre-clinical trials Early
  885 Difference in neointima formation between stents depends on aggressiveness of
inflammatory response
Cartilage I
  64 Exact solution to a three-dimensional contact problem for biphasic cartilage layers Mishuris
  290 Biomechanical Characterisation of Ovine Facet Joint Cartilage Abd Latif
  476 Joint Laxity, Bone and Cartilage Changes in the DMM Model Moodie
  532 Experimental verification of a viscoelastic model for computing cartilage modulus from microindentation data
  781 Spatial Variations in the Depth Dependent Properties of Porcine Osteochondral Tissue Gannon
  822 Mechanical and Biochemical Characterisation in Damaged Articular Cartilage Accardi
Upper Limb
  234 The Effect of Wrist Posture on Median Nerve Conduction Values Donoghue
  323 Comparison of Two Dynamic Methods to Track Scapula Kinematics Prinold
  533 Effects of Partial Wrist Arthrodesis on Loading at the Radiocarpal Joints Gislason
  951 Influence of degrees of freedom at the proximal interphalangeal joint on calculated tendon tensions in a phalangeal model Warlow
  1000 Quantifying glenohumeral joint translation in multidirectional instability patients and healthy volunteers Stroud
Tissue Engineering I
  88 Scaffold Geometry Affects the Magnitude and Pattern of Mechanical Stimulation in Tissue Engineered Constructs Tasci
  118 Osteoinductive effect of in vivo mechanical stimulation for bone tissue engineering Pioletti
  450 Optimization of extracellular matrix production by human mesenchymal stem cells on silk fibroin scaffolds Wüst
  593 The influence of age on mesenchymal stem cell mechanoresponsiveness to tensile strain McKayed
  602 A single cell-based modelling framework for bone tissue engineering Geris
  641 Understanding the biomechanical microenvironment of the stem cell niche in bone Birmingham
Knee Anthroplasty: Fixation
  249 Interface Micro-mechanics and Morphology of Retrieved Knee Replacements Mann
  340 Effect of femoral component design on post TKA stresses and strains in the Distal Femur Conlisk
  501 The effect of a mobile high congruent articulating surface on tibial stem migration. A synchronized motion analysis study with fluoroscopy and RSA. Wolterbeek
  840 Reduced strain energy density may explain radiolucency at the tray wall in UKR. Simpson
  942 Biomechanical analysis of the tibial tray design in TKA: Comparison between modular and offset tibial trays Chan
  969 Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Total Knee Arthroplasty Cementation Techniques Kelly
Bone Loading
  492 Daily loading stimulus in long-term acceleration measurements of high-impact exercise Ahola
  509 Determination of Physiological External Loading Conditions Based On Bone Morphology Christen
  852 Muscle Atrophy is Responsible for Changes in Bone Micro-architecture after BTX Injection Manske
  1005 A model of the human mastication process including the TMJ Commisso
  454 A validated system to test a single trabecula in different mechanical loading modes: Similar response from bending and tensile tests Carretta
Wednesday 7 July - 1130 - 1300
Modelling of Cardiovascular Prostheses
  770 Patient-specific analyses help to develop a stent for percutaneous valve implantation Capelli
  810 First-in-man Implantation of a New Percutaneous Pulmonary Valve Device Schievano
  821 Virtual planning for aneurysmatic cerebral vessel stenting: a computational study on different models for stent deployment Bernardini
  972 A Validated Numerical Model for Haemolysis in Different Ventricular Assist Devices Fraser
  1051 Geometrical Enhancements of Dialysis Vascular Access: Towards an Optimised Arteriovenous Graft Design Carroll
  693 A Novel Approach to Patient-Specific Hexahedral Meshing: Hexahedral vs Tetrahedral Mesh Requirements in Coronary CFD De Santis
  729 The influence of peripheral artery bending on arterial stresses and stent fatigue Early
Cartilage II
  119 Haptic Control System for Surface Acquisition in a Medical Robotic System with Applications for Joint Arthroplasty Wolf
  202 Oxygen Tension Differentially Regulates the Functional Properties of Cartilaginous Tissues Engineered from Infrapatellar Fat Pad Derived MSCs and Articular Chondrocytes Buckley
  644 Properties of Scaffold-Free Tissue-Engineered Cartilage under Different Levels of Compression Hoenig
  645 Effect of drop landing intervention on serum COMP concentration and patellar cartilage deformation in high-impact athletes and non-athletic subjects Niehoff
  694 The Influence of Subchondral Bone Permeability on Cartilage Thickness in Young and Mature Cattle Winkler
Musculoskeletal Modelling
  391 Modelling the mechanical effect of the muscular system of the lower limb Valente
  474 Energetics of movement: comparison of two different models for the estimation of muscular energy consumption Bisi
  639 Analysis of the lower limb mechanics during level walking after a massive femoral reconstruction: a case study Taddei
  715 Modeling of a Gait Robotic Device for Early Rehabilitation of Walking Fang
  744 Calculation of Muscle Forces Using a Stability-Based Optimization Criterion in Inverse Dynamics Nolte
  891 Lying to standing muscular model: A preliminary sensitivity analysis Hausselle
Tissue Engineering II
  539 Can robust chondrogenesis of MSCs be initiated in absence of growth factors by modifying the magnitude or duration of cyclic compression? Thorpe
  581 Rotational culture differentially regulates chondrogenesis of bone marrow derived MSCs and chondrocytes Sheehy
  803 Low oxygen tension is a more potent regulator of chondrogenic differentiation than dynamic compression Meyer
  884 Computational Investigation of Possible Mechanisms for Changes in Mechanoresponsiveness with Age for Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) Xue
  976 Monitoring MSC matrix mineralization as a reaction to different mechanical stimuli Hofmann
  998 A computational approach to scaffold upscaling for tissue engineering Truscello
Patello-Femoral Mechanics
  524 Large Variations of Patello-Femoral Joint Contact Forces During Highly Demanding Activities: Simulations and in vivo Measurements Trepczynski
  730 Patellar motion at the intact knee. An in-vitro analysis on sixteen cadaver legs. Belvedere
  901 Finite Element Modelling of the Afferent  Response of the Patellar: A Comparison of the Intact and Replaced Knee Taylor
  1052 Investigating the relationship between geometry and kinematics in the patellofemoral joint Fitzpatrick
  1080 Multi-specimen comparison of patellar bone strain in the natural and implanted knee Fitzpatrick
  1100 Patellofemoral contact areas during simulated weight bearing squat Van Haver
Bone Strength
  49 Dynamical theory of double poroelasticity of bone Svanadze
  277 Permeability Analysis of Scaffolds for  Bone Tissue Engineering Dias
  319 Combined effects of gap and GF concentration in implant fixation Swider
  706 Does the finger structure reflect changes at the neck of the femur? Minnock
  854 Experimentally supported micromechanical explanation of bone strength Hellmich
Wednesday 7 July - 1530 - 1700
Total Shoulder Replacement
  222 Bone Adaptation Around a Metal-Backed Glenoid Implant, a Numerical Study Suarez
  534 Effect of scapular tilting on joint contact pattern after total shoulder arthroplasty Röthlisberge
  696 Prediction of upper limb Internal forces - Comparison of subjects with B-W reverse anatomy shoulder replacement with those of normal anatomy Masjedi
  789 Comparison of a newly developed shoulder simulator with in-vivo forces Kathrein
  948 Analysis of Bone Remodeling in Reversed Shoulder arthroplasty Zhang
  1055 Forces and moments telemetered from a reverse-anatomy shoulder implant in vivo Taylor
Motion Analysis
  133 Quantification of the effect of gait speed on ground reaction forces during inclined uphill and downhill ambulation
  221 Reproducibility of a functional approach to movement analysis Taylor
  291 Estimating Rigid-body Motion and Soft-tissue Deformation with Theory of Cosserat Points Wolf
  704 Multiple data customization pipeline for in-vivo motion analysis and modeling Salvia
  984 Perception of musculo-skeletal size information from kinematic variability Celada
Distraction Osteogenesis
  162 Effect of pre-traction stresses during distraction osteogenesis Reina-Romo
  586 Simulation of mandibular distraction osteogenesis Bonnet
  1016 Simulation of Distraction Osteogenesis Simon
  52 Biotribology of alternativ bearing materials for knee arthroplasty and inflammatory response to particle debris in a murine model Grupp
  193 A simple and efficient protocol for bulk isolation and characterisation of metal-on-metal wear particles Shelton
  231 Beyond the Abrasive Wear - A New Method to Simulate Catastrophic Wear Phenomena in Knee Prostheses Schwiesau
  494 Analysing 'Lift-off' Events During Knee Wear Testing Strickland
  841 20 year wear measurements for UKR: a novel use of RSA Simpson
  1001 The Influence of THR Component Design and Joint Load on Squeaking Characteristics
Bone: Vertebral Mechanics
  12 Influence of growth modulation on the permeability of the vertebral end plate Accadbled
  47 Intervertebral Disc Degeneration can induce Degenerative Bone Adaptation in Adjacent Vertebrae Homminga
  117 Changed loading direction after a spinal wedge fracture increases fracture risk in adjacent vertebrae Aquarius
  269 Creep deformity of ageing human vertebrae is accelerated by prior damage, and low BMD Luo
  270 Altered load-sharing in elderly spines weakens the anterior vertebral body in women but not in men Luo
  317 How deformity affects the subchondral bone microarchitecture in a porcine scoliosis model Swider
Thursday 8 July - 0830 - 1000
Head, Eye & Maxillofacial
  375 A Numerical Model of Corneal Microstructure applied to Identify Mechanical Properties for
Different Age Groups
  559 Insertion mechanics of silicon-based neural implants for rodents Andrei
  753 Patient-specific, Fast Soft-Tissue Simulation for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery Kim
  796 Measurement of intracranial pressure: a preliminary study using a fluid-saturated gel Ros
  963 Microfluctuations of the shape of the crystalline lens of the human eye derived from analysis of the main sequence of the accommodation Monticone
Bone Cement
  184 Morphological validation and sensitivity studies of µFE Models of bone cement augmentation Zhao
  235 The effect of cementing technique on polymerization heat generation and thermal necrosis in hip resurfacing arthroplasty Janssen
  271 Cement distribution can influence mechanical outcomes in vertebroplasty Luo
  718 Simulating the Mechanical Response of Bone-Cement Composites Helgason
  926 Mixed-Mode Behavior of the Cement-Bone Interface: A Finite Element Study Waanders
  1097 A multiscale strategy to model bone-cement interfaces Sanz-Herrera
Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
  83 Cell seeding and culture on large porous composite scaffolds Koch
  147 Study of the Biomechanical Characteristics of Decellularized Natural Collagenous Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Mavrilas
  396 A dynamical FE study of mechanical stimuli in scaffolds for bone tissue engineering Sandino
  563 Experimental and computational study of the correlation between oxygen tension, cell viability and proliferation in fibrin hydrogels Demol
  676 A viscoelastic model to predict chondrocyte deformation seeded in agarose during cyclic compression Chen
  936 Influence of Design Parameters on Morphology and Mechanical Properties of a Collagen Scaffold for Chondral Tissue Engineering Gervaso
Spine III
  112 Cement augmentation of bone screws can compensate for the absence of cortical fixation Pioletti
  114 Homogenized continuum-level finite element models predict experimental vertebral stiffness and strength with the same accuracy as µFE models Pahr
  490 Quantifying the contribution of cortical and trabecular bone for implant anchorage - A micro-structural finite element study in human vertebral bone Ruffoni
  1065 A Method of Assessing the Suitability of Calcium Phosphate Cements Used to Augment Burst Fracture of the Vertebral Body Tarsuslugil
  1085 Un-Contained Osteolytic Defect Within The Vertebral Body Of A Human Spine Alters Its Structural Behavior In Response To Complex Loading: An Experimental Study Alkalay
Bone Dental
  554 Improved Smart Brackets for Force-Moment Monitoring in Orthodontics Panchaphongsaphak
  596 Finite element analysis on the influence of tooth mobility on stress distribution in all-ceramic inlay retained dental prostheses Wiemann
  646 Mapping tooth mechanical properties by FIMEC tests Cappelloni
  797 Development of an Appliance for the Intraoral Measurement of Force/Displacement Characteristics of Periodontal Ligaments Reimann
  1040 Evaluation of Arch/ Bracket Coefficient of Friction with Pre-formed Arches. Barros
  1075 Mechanobiological Modeling of the Osseointegration of a Dental Implant Vanegas-Acosta
Animal Biomechanics
  7 The Relationship Between Approach Speed and Jumping Trajectory in 3-Day Event Horses Dondanville
  10 Quadrupedal Locomotion Using the Coefficient of Restitution Marghitu
  658 Predictive Simulation of Avian Flight Parslew
  826 Tendon strain influences the development of equine locomotion with age Addis
Thursday 8 July - 1130 - 1300
  80 What is a model? A tentative taxonomy of biomedical models Viceconti
  636 Finite Element Modeling of a Pre-Natal Human Pelvis Watson
  812 Mesh Generation for Patient-specific Modeling and Simulation of Human Anatomy Cotton
  965 2D strain/damage bone-remodeling simulation model of the Munting stemless hip prosthesis Boucher
  979 Finite element assessment of bone failure risk and remodeling around osseointegrated trans-femoral prostheses Tomaszewski
Injury & Forensic Biomechanics
  289 Strain response of an instrumented intramedullary nail to three point bending Faroug
  542 Design optimization of a simplified bumper and spoiler system in relation to pedestrian impact Salaorno
  1115 Computational Simulation of Head Accelerations generated by the 'Shaken Baby Syndrome' Martin
Hip Motion
  95 Bone and joint shape prediction by customizable multiple regressions Sholukha
  105 CaRBS analyses of gait features following lateral and posterior approaches to THA Holt
  142 A Quantification of Accuracy in Estimating Joint Centres: Application to in vivo gait analysis
  377 Analysis of the spectrum of possible hip muscle controls during walking Martelli
  1024 Accuracy in Functional Estimation of Hip Joint Center: An In-vitro Analysis Lopomo
Ligament & Bone Substitutes
  216 Study of fatigue/creep resistance of PLA-PCL fibres during degradation Vieira
  565 The lubrication of synthetic tissue grafts and healthy tendon Theobald
  621 Evaluation of artificial ACL mechanical strength three months after implantation in ewes Guérard
  710 Experimental study of commercially pure porous titanium bioactivity Barbas
  847 Characterization of Sawbones for In-Vitro Impaction Grafting Studies Ayers
Spine IV
  185 Remedy for Fictive Negative Pore Pressures in Biphasic Finite Element Models of the Intervertebral Disc during Unloading Periods of Daily Activities Schmidt
  356 Association of lumbar and hip extension movements and age, sex and low back pain Intolo
  438 Effect of loading regimes on the reactive-diffusive transport of oxygen in a coupled 3D finite element model of the lumbar intervertebral disc Malandrino
  590 Cyclical exercise against only lower limb inertial loads recruits the transversus abdominis and lumbar multifidus muscles in the trunk Caplan
  1095 Development of a Detailed Buttock approach for the Occupant Model CASIMIR for Improved Assessment of Loads on Lumbar Spine Siefert
  1119 Does a conditioning program for multifidus and transversus abdominus alter paraspinal and abdominal electromyographic activity during an everyday lifting task in healthy subjects? MacKenzie
Fracture Healing
  508 Mechanical stimulation of fracture healing by low-amplitude and high-frequency external loads Garcia-Aznar
  11 Metaphyseal fracture-healing follows similar biomechanical rules as diaphyseal healing Claes
  259 The Effect of Mechanical Stimulation on the Production of BMP-2, VEGF, IGF-1 and TGF-b1 by In Vitro Ossifying Rat Bone Marrow Explants Akkus
  786 Laser Doppler scanning and micro-CT imaging of angiogenesis in fracture healing Macdonald
  947 Fracture Healing in Mice Under Controlled Rigid and Flexible Conditions Roentgen


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632 Prediction of Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV6) in Spirometric Pulmonary Function Test Anandhan
722 Printability of Tricalcium Phosphate Powder for Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Andre
842 Investigation the relationship between stenosis severity and turbulent pulsatile flow parameters in ICA Asgari
394 Osteoblasts attachment on Chitosan nanomodified surfaces Athanassiou
619 Bone tissue quality seems independent of anatomical site in the lower limb of old subjects Baleani
830 Effects of contraction on knee joint mechanics and loading Baltzopoulos
327 Effect of Arm Dominance on Interjoint Coupling in a Proprioceptive Reaching Task Barden
780 A novel substrate-based approach to characterize metastatic potential Bartalena
411 Primary implant loosening is caused by bone failure in close proximity of the bone-implant interface Basler
1028 Investigation of the Wii Fit as a Virtual Rehabilitation Tool to Improve Neuromuscular Control Bassett
180 Loco Typico of Dorsally Displaced Distal Radius Fractures. A Radiographic Measurement Study Baumbach
125 Annulus Closing Technique Reduces Risk of Nucleus Implant Extrusion Baumgartner
437 Towards a Clinically Predictive Model for Arteriovenous Fistula Creation: Developing Computational Models of Cephalic Vein Compliant Response from Ultrasound Data Studies Bayley
748 Kinematics analysis of the three components of a Total ankle arthroplasty: in-vivo fluoroscopic study Belvedere
741 Knee soft tissues tightening at the intact and replaced knee. An in-vitro analysis. Belvedere
97 Electromyographic activity of the sternal and clavicular parts of the Sternocleidomastoideus muscle Bérzin
247 Kinesiology of the superficial muscles of the neurocranium Bérzin
258 Electromyographic analysis of the anterior, medial and posterior parts of the temporal muscle during mastication. Bérzin
892 Design of an Innovative Microfluidic Device, for High-Throughput Shear Dependent Analyses of Cell Adhesion and Transendothelian Migration Bianchi
455 Effect of changes in transtibial prosthetic alignment on plantar foot pressure Biesbrouck
540 An EMG-driven muscle-skeletal model to estimate energy consumption during movement Bisi
322 Multifactorial tissue health assessment protocol: Determining the effects of a dynamic cushion for at-risk users. Bogie
1098 A statistical shape model of bone anatomical variability for finite element assessment of bone mechanics Bonaretti
1070 A 2-phase computational model for cement delivery in vertebroplasty Borocin
874 An Open-Source Incompressible Navier-Stokes Solver for Hemodynamic Simulations at High Reynolds Numbers Botti
735 A lack or reduction of muscle mass impacts on the cellular organisation of certain ossification centers and joints Bourdon
130 Designing a comprehensive protocol for vertebral body testing Brandolini
132 Shoulder kinematics and neuromuscular activity throughout ten maximum repetition set of the bench press exercise. Brennecke
392 Influence of the indentation direction and the calculation method on the bone elastic modulus Brockaert
1034 The Use of Photogrammetry in 3-D Biological Geometry Reconstruction Broderick
855 Influence of Impact Assembly Procedures on the Taper Connection Strength of Modular Femoral Heads Bruhn
909 Changes in motor strategies performing the longswing across age Busquets
655 Optimum biomechanical behaviour of vascular scaffolds determined using short-term decellularisation of porcine coronary arteries Campbell
1074 Mathematical model of the mechanobiological process of ligament healing Cárdenas-Sandoval
529 Nanoindentation testing and finite element simulations of cortical bone allowing for anisotropic inelastic mechanical response Carnelli
489 Orientation and length-scale dependent mechanical modulation in lamellar bone Carnelli
988 Pressure Gait Analysis Using Different  Wedges Castro
1047 Analysis of pulse propagation in a system of fluid-filled coaxial tubes: a model for cerebrospinal fluid pulse in the spinal column
192 The Effect of Acetabular Inclination Angle on Metal on Metal Implant Wear: A Computational Study Comparing Daily Activities Clarke
571 Subject-specific musculoskeletal parameters of wrist flexors and extensors estimated by an EMG-driven musculoskeletal model. Colacino
120 Kinematic and Grip Strength Analysis of Wrist before and after Total Wrist Arthroplasty Completo
339 Stability of Uncemented Femoral Implants after TKA Conlisk
211 Mechanoregulated bone remodeling may explain bone structural changes in osteoarthritis Cox
194 Multiscale in vitro testing of human long bones of the lower limb: tissue-level properties cannot explain organ-level differences between controlateral bones Cristofolini
681 Study of Contact Conditions in Bone Remodeling around Hip Prosthesis using Structural Optimisation Cunningham
875 Intraocular Lens Injection Systems: Extrusion Force Modelling Curatolo
873 Mechanical Stress of Intraocular Lenses during Surgical Injection: Method of Evaluation for Plastic Deformations Curatolo
27 An instrumented total hip joint prosthesis for in vivo measurement of forces and moments Damm
399 Non destructive and destructive in vitro testing of metatarsal bone Danesi
860 Muscular activity and pattern of symmetry accessed by electromyography of chewing muscles in patients class III of Angle before and after orthognathic surgery De La T Torre Vera
693 A Novel Approach to Patient-Specific Hexahedral Meshing: Hexahedral vs Tetrahedral Mesh Requirements in Coronary CFD de Santis
738 On the velocity dispersion of ultrasound through trabecular bone Deligianni
699 Implementation of Asymmetric Yielding in Case Specific Finite Element Models improves the Prediction of Femoral Fracture Risk Derikx
286 Mechanical Properties of Indonesian-made Narrow Dynamic Compression Plate Dewo
1088 Simulation of elastosonography on an ideal anthropomorphic breaqst model Di Puccio
153 The Effect of Age-Related Osteoporosis on Fixator Performance and Cortical Bone Failure at Fixator-Bone Interfaces Donaldson
159 A non-optimised follower load path may cause significant intervertebral rotations Dreischarf
255 Evaluation of electrical activity of semitendineous and rectus femoralis during knee extension Dressano
250 Eletromyography of gastrocnemius muscle in different foot positions Dressano
160 Correlation between muscular pain and electromyographic activity in temporomandibular disorders subjects Dressano
359 Correlation between muscular pain and electromyographic activity in temporomandibular disorders subjects Dressano
922 Electromyography of the masticatory muscles in a patient with TMD under use of oclusal device. Dressano
598 Cross Shear, Contact Pressure, and Contact Area in a Simplified TKR Wear Simulation Dressler
910 The effects of walking speed on forefoot, hind foot and ankle joint motion Dubbeldam
552 Impact velocity and prior storage conditions affect the in vitro fracture response of spinal segments Dudli
729 The influence of peripheral artery bending on arterial stresses and stent fatigue Early
484 Experimental and numerical investigation concerning the primary stability of retrograde ankle arthrodesis using an intramedullary rod Eichhorn
859 Numerical and experimental study of the mechanics of Bladder filling process Elkut
307 Pre- and Post-operative Flow Paterns in AV Fistula for Hemodialysis Access: a CFD study Ene-Iordache
384 Effect of Bone Cement Augmentation on Rotational Stability and Pullout Force of the Proximal Femur Nail antirotation Erhart
835 3D joint momentS in transfemoral and transtibial amputees: 'ground reaction vector technique' can be an alternative to the Inverse dynamics? Fantozzi
1108 Antegrade Interlocking Intramedullary Nailing: Biomechanical Investigation Farahpour
961 Computaional Modelling of Screw Pull-Out in Proximal Humeral Fracture Repair Feerick
170 Anterior Cervical Fusion: Mechanical Stress and Bone Remodeling Analysis Fernandes
617 Locomotion of amputee: Optimum speed, pendulum mechanism and mechanical efficiency - Case Study Fischer
280 RMS and median frequency behavior in different contraction intensities for both genders Forti
541 Effect of cryotherapy on spasticity of a plegic upper limb: an electromyographic analysis Forti
48 Dynamical simulation of the defence mechanisms in the inguinal area: the shutter mechanism and the enclosure of internal ring Fortuny
531 A finite-element model for dermal wound healing Fred
970 Influence of kinematics and muscular activations on pole vault performance Frere
527 Numerical Simulation of Non-Conforming Dental Contacts under
Normal and Tangential Loading
352 Electromyographic study of muscle activity during shoulder lateral and medial rotation. Gama
351 Evaluation of occlusal adjustment on the activity of the muscles of the jaw, head and neck - Description of clinical case Gama
1067 Chewing activity in women with and without temporomandibular disorders Gama
1003 Limits of video motion capturing measuring relative motion between implant and bone Gebert de Uhlenbrock
448 Extracellular matrix effects in strain of the chondron through unconfined FEM modeling of hyaline cartilage Ghandchi
944 Graft Tension Determines Patellofemoral Biomechanics after Medial Patellofemoral Ligament (MPFL) Reconstruction
1072 Can acupuncture change patterns of muscle Bruxism? Pilot Stud Grillo
330 Plantar Fascia Mechanical Response during walking Gu
355 Electromyography activity and pain assessment of masticatory muscles in patients with fibromyalgia and temporomandibular disorder: A pilot study Gui
917 Identification of specific changes in the molecular composition of tendon fibers mediated by TGFb Inducible Early Gene 1 (TIEG1) Gumez
520 Experimental Measurement of Strains and Micromotions in the Resurfaced Femur Gupta
1011 Analysis of cervical vertebra movement  as consequences of neck muscles activity Gzik
992 Interdisciplinary researches supporting surgical correction of children craniofacial malformations Gzik
550 Bone response to high-impact downhill running in the rat model: First results of structural and mechanical properties Hamann
811 Determination of the cranial bone tissue modulus using μFE analysis Hendrix
938 Physical and Mathematical Modelling of the Synovial Joint and Cartilage Repair Products Herbert
42 Physical properties of the venous human alive tissue in its neighborhood for the elaboration of a biomechanical model to study the deep vein thrombosis. Herrera
894 Development of a biomechanical model for the hardware-in-the-loop hip joint simulator Herrmann
78 Simple shearing of soft biological tissues Horgan
253 Impact and Deformation of Press Fit Metallic Resurfacing Cups Hothi
395 Neuromuscular Control in Functional Ankle Instability during Drop Landing Huang
442 Simulation and Measuring in a Hip Joint during Staircase Walking Hucko
77 Blood flow and cancer cell adhesion in a microchannel with bifurcation and confluence Ishikawa
603 A Finite Element Study of Micropipette Aspiration of Single Cells: Effect of Compressibility Jafari Bidhendi
930 Simulation of osteocyte network signalling and the effect of osteocyte apoptosis Jahani
899 Micromotions at the taper junction of a modular short-stemmed prosthesis Jauch
200 Elastic Surface Modification of Rigid Hip Replacements Jira
515 Biomechanical Evaluation of Locking Compression Plate System for the Surgical Management of Extra-Articular Comminuted Fracture in Proximal Tibia Jo
921 Computer aided diagnostic of fracture risk of selected element of human bone system John
577 Modelling of physiological pulsatile blood flow in a real bypass geometry
426 Assessment of Femur Trabeculae from Planar Radiograph using Morphological Operators and Radon Transform Joseph
659 Shape versus function: Is the human tibia an example of a 'strain-optimized' structure? Juszczyk
643 The effect of disc aerodynamics on the range of flying sport discs. Kamaruddin
716 Prediction of Effect of Stress Concentration in Nitinol Using the Theory of Critical Distances Kasiri
1058 Imaging of Crack Propagation in Bone with Atomic Force Microscopy Katsamenis
1036 Effects of Fractured Volumetric Ratio and Contact Area on Structural Stability during the Surgical Management of the Intertrochanteric Fractures with Compression Hip Screws Kim
953 From the 55-tube Westerhof's to Novel 1000-tube Model of the Human Systemic Arterial Tree: Blood Flow, Wave Propagation, Wave-Intensity Analysis and Medical Diagnostics Kizilova
831 Navigated Ultrasound Enables Accurate Cup Positioning in Total Hip Arthroplasty König
543 Can midflexion instability after TKA be a consequence of joint line elevation? König
104 Influence of friction in the jaw joint Koolstra
1105 The Hip Joint Centre can be determined to within 2 mm: An in vivo Analysis in 24 THA Patients Kratzenstein
734 A Top Down Region Dividing (TDRD) Segmentation Approach for Mammogram Images Kumar
514 A new Regression Model for Predicting Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebral Morphometry Kunkel
1091 A method to generate concentration array by partial subsequent sample withdraws from laminar flow for miniaturised drug-screening devices Lagana
804 Relation between pressure drop, opening area and flow rate in aortic valve bioprostheses Landolt
186 Validation of a Computer Model describing the Material Behaviour of Tendons Lehner
615 Non-invasive Determination of the mechanical properties of flexible tubes Li
276 The Effects of Medially Wedged Insoles on the Patella Alignment and Symptoms in Patient with Patellofemoral Osteoarthoritis: A Case Report Li
239 ER and wnt/β -catenin signaling interact to modulate early gene expression in response to mechanical loading in osteoblastic cells Liedert
58 The purpose of this study is to compare the biomechanical characteristic of two-level Coflex implant with a hybrid implant (one-level CoflexTM and one-level pedicle screw fixation) Lo
720 A New Tool for Quantifying Knee Dynamic Instability based on Automatic Classification of Acceleration Signal During Pivot-Shift Test
903 Clinical Validation of a Novel Method Dedicated to Quantify Knee Joint Dynamic Instability Lopomo
962 Preliminary Intra-operative Validation of a new System dedicated to Quantify Pivot-Shift Phenomenon
266 The wear of explanted metal-on-metal resurfacing hip prostheses Lord
265 Evidence of self-polishing from ex vivo metal-on-metal total hip prostheses Lord
171 A Visco-Hyperelastic Constitutive Model for Skeletal Muscle Tissue Lu
711 The Reliability of Kinetic Data in Musculoskeletal Models during Gait Lunn
453 Strain response and RSA of an instrumented intramedullary nail subjected to axial compression/bending and torque loading Mahmood
491 Low-Frequency Ultrasound in the Prediction of Hip Fracture Määttä
158 Quantifying Rat Temporal Parameters and Body Posture While they
Walk Along Wide, Narrow and Graduated Beams
312 Estimation of fractal dimension of ventilation in human bronchial tree based on CFD
simulation of 3D asymmetric model
817 FE analysis for the prediction of fracture site movement in plate osteosynthesis Mair
1093 CFD Analysis of the Human Airways under Impedance-based Boundary
Conditions: Application to a Healthy and a Stenotic Trachea
546 Dynamical Analysis of the Ankle Force Patterns During Gait Stance Phase Marasovic
92 High quality remeshing of stl-files for cardiovascular simulations Marchandise
653 Soft collagenous structured tissues:
Modeling physiopathological aspects through a mechanical multiscale approach
1116 Development of a 9 Month Old Model for the Computational Simulation of
Traumatic Injuries to Infants
1094 A micro-sphere approach to the modeling of anisotropic damage in blood vessels Martinez
989 EHL modelling of hard-on-hard hip implants: comparison of total and resurfacing hip implants Mattei
458 Influence of the ribcage on the mechanical behaviour of the ten-year-old spine Meijer
181 A continuum damage mechanics based bone remodeling model in a finite strains framework. Mengoni
2 The effect of clenching and occlusal instability on weight distribution, assessed by the MAT-Scan system. Michalakis
1110 Contact Problem on a Selected Part of the Human Spine - Vertebra-Intervertebral Disc-Vertebra Configuration Minarova
587 Probing the selectin-ligand interactions at the single molecule level Missirlis
754 Application of an improved static optimisation method to a two dimensional lower limb model Modenese
983 Software tool providing two way estimation of muscle lever arm and results comparison Moiseev
592 Structured exercise program improves plantar pressure of postmenopausal women Monteiro
588 Sarcopenic obesity influences plantar pressure in postmenopausal women Monteiro
952 The repeatability of angle measurement using inertial sensors for use in large scale gait assessment Morris
700 Mechano-regulation of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and collagen organisation during skeletal tissue regeneration Nagel
881 Design, fabrication and characterization of an innovative Polymerase Chain Reaction device based on buoyancy driven flow Nason
612 Determination of mechanical properties of spinal segment with 360° fusion and total disk replacement by means of experimental modeling Návrat
1106 Biomechanically-based optimization of primary fiber organization in complex soft tissues Noailly
597 Collagen angle distributions in the annulus fibrosus: a particular parameter for disc
stabilization and lumbar spine model improvement
1102 Comparison of Ankle Dynamic Stability in Beginner and Sub Elite Sprinters during Takeoff in Vertical Jumps Norang
604 Subject-specific finite element model of child's thorax: construction and first validation Novácek
994 Mechano transduction in human stem cells cultured in porous scaffolds Nygaard
1019 Young's modulus reconstruction of coronary vulnerable plaques based on a segmentation-driven optimization procedure: Influence of the intrinsic compressibility of the medium Ohayon
408 Development of an experimental approach to determine the ex vivo stability of the human knee.
99 Experimental researches on the strain state at the autologous osteochondral transplant Oleksik
444 Compressive mechanical behaviour of human bone tissue can be correlated to its density with one unique equation.
666 Validation of a non-invasive diagnostic technique for functional outcomes of pre-TKA Park
115 Restoration of Osteoblast Mechanosensitivity by Introducing Rest Periods during Bioreactor Culture Partap
613 Goal Driven Optimization for an Axial Flow Blood Pump as a LVAD Patel
349 Electromyography activity of gastrocnemius and tibialis anterior muscles
with different high-heeled shoes
62 Advanced kinematic models of the talocrural joint enhance the accuracy of calculated
ankle kinematics.
8 Biomechanical advantages of angle variable end-plates of the vertebral body replacement  Hydrolift Penzkofer
209 Multiscale bridging model of fracture toughness of biological interfaces Perelmuter
128 The relation of human femoral osteon size to age: a computational study Perez
98 Mechanical interaction between cells and fluid for bone tissue engineering scaffold: modulation of the interfacial shear stress Pioletti
389 Detecting submaximal effort in patients suffering from epicondylitis with a biomechanical test . Piqueras
521 Numerical simulation of bone cement infiltration: an application to vertebroplasty Pollintine
72 Comparison of mechanical work efficiency in different age groups of road cyclists Pontaga
71 Relationships between body fat content, lean body mass and vertical jumps heights in football players Pontaga
1104 Stability analysis for peri-implant osseointegration model Prokharau
461 Association of Low and High BMD Levels with the Experimental Failure Load in Cervical Hip Fractures Pulkkinen
510 3D Musculoskeletal Model of the Upper Limb Quental
652 Multiple cardiac cycles modeling of a mechanical heart valve's dynamics with complex boundary conditions Rafiroiu
616 Stereoscopic optical reconstruction technique applied to strain measurement Randall
751 Generation of Internal Micro-Architectures for Medical Applications Raymont
516 Influence of Acetabular Press-Fit Cup Stiffness on Shell Deformation and Push-Out Force Rehmer
939 Adaptive immerse finite elements for the numerical solution
of monodomain equations in cardiac electrophysiology
574 Measurement of the tibial intercondylar eminence Rossi
920 Electromyographic Analysis of the Temporal, Masseter and Supra Hyoids Muscles in Persons whit Down's syndrome. Rossi Junior
980 Probability of bone failure after implantation of a press-fit metaphyseal implant and subsequent bone remodeling process Rothstock
261 Plantar Pressure Character during Inversion Position Ruan
679 Improving diagnostic investigation of implant loosening in total hip arthroplasty: a novel
approach based on vibration analysis
337 Gender Differences in the Stiffness of the Heel Pad during In Vivo Loading and Unloading Santana
898 Electromyographic study of the Mm biceps femuris (Caput Longum) semitendinosus and semimembranosus in the flexion and extension movements of the leg on a flexing table Sant'Anna
1006 Multiple calibration versus direct skin marker in multisegment foot 3D kinematics Sawacha
838 Stiffness of posterior dynamic stabilizations - In vitro comparison of a new device with existing devices
535 Tensile Strength of Porcine and Artificial Chordae Tendineae of the Mitral Valve Posterior\r\nLeaflet Schreiber
345 Biomechanical Changes after Adding One More Flexion Axis for the Femoral Component of the Total Knee Replacement during Deep Flexion Seo
22 2-D coupled model of media flow, nutrient transport and cell growth in a perfusion bioreactor Shakeel
363 A Biomechanical Investigation into the Engagement Phase of Front Row Rugby Union Scrummaging Sharp
94 Lower Limbs Scalable Double Step Registration Sholukha
834 Kinematic modeling predictions of dislocation for mobile bearing knee replacement. Simpson
432 Comparing Electromagnetic Navigated and Conventional Total Knee Arthroplasty Using Flexible Electrogoniometry Smith
982 Kinetic Gait Analysis Using Different Wedges in Elderly Population Soares
997 Computation of Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity by Registration of Time Series Images Staicu
929 The Designing of a 3D Modeling Framework to Quantify Pathological Changes Associated with Aortic Coarctation Staicu
865 Intramuscular architecture of the back muscles in human and chimpanzee Stark
243 Compressive load-bearing by the neural arch: comparison between the cervical and lumbar spine. Stefanakis
623 Electromyographic analysis of the rectus femoris muscle during isometric action in resisted exercise incremental Stefanelli
372 Mechanical Interpretation of the Data Obtained from Measurement Procedures Used in Ophthalmology Stein
747 Temporal-Spatial Gait Parameters In Children Age 2-6 Differ For Age And Walking Task Stern
1096 Morphometric characterisation of murine subchondral bone - Compartmental definitions for micro-computed tomographic analysis Stok
226 The dilemma of joint conformity in shoulder prostheses:  In-vitro measurement of interface micromotions around a metal-backed glenoid implant Suarez
1017 Hybrid method combining Direct Linear Transformation and Pose Estimation algorithm for motion capture with optoelectronic systems Symeonidis
968 The step-pivot: A turning strategy adopted by amputees Taylor
966 Estimating Spring Mass Characteristics of World Class 400 m Athletes in Competition Taylor
1054 A buckle transducer for measurement of tendon tensile force independent of change in tendon cross-section. Taylor
499 Polyethylene wear in total knee prostheses: effect of patient weight Terrier
564 Total Knee Replacement kinematics: an in-silico reliability comparison between
mono-planar and bi-planar 3D Fluoroscopy
739 Genetic Algorithm as a robust method for the joint kinematics estimation
with mono-planar 3D fluoroscopy
556 Biomechanical investigation into the torsional failure of paediatric long bone Theobald
558 The biomechanical consequence of removing the periosteum from paediatric bone exposed to spiral fracture Theobald
568 Using head injury criterion (HIC) to assess the risk of concussion following head impact Theobald
502 Influence of Experimental Errors on the Development and Simulation of a Patient Specific 3D Musculoskeletal Model Tien Tuan
863 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging - A Preliminary Study Tierney
413 Bone-Cement Interfacial Behaviour under Mixed Mode Loading Conditions Tong
415 Mechanical Behaviour of TruFit Bone Plugs for Osteochondral Defect Repair Tong
279 Quantification of the peri-implant bone strains in the rat tibia compression model Torcasio
877 Characterization of Aluminium Foam as a Cancellous Bone Substitute Tozzi
1030 Mechanobiology of angiogenesis: Analysis of feedback loops between cellular stress and extracellular matrix proteolysis Tracqui
607 Mandibular dislocation: the influence of neck extension Tuijt
385 Differences in loading of the temporomandibular joint
during opening and closing of the jaw
155 Uncertainty of Material Input Parameters in Finite Element Models of the Tibia Tuncer
1062 Analysis of Oviduct Flow based on Histological Data
763 The effect of different preservation methods on mechanical properties of cortical bone
273 Prediction of 3D proximal femur geometry using planar X-ray image and shape template Väänänen
662 The influence of graded elastic properties of dentin on the mechanical behavior of teeth Vairo
122 Mineral density distribution in the mandible van Ruijven
224 Control System for Active Ankle-Foot Orthosis and Gait Analysis Veneva
148 Online estimation of body position and spine shape during lateral recumbency based on a generic trunk model and mattress indentation measurements Verhaert
531 A finite-element model for dermal wound healing Vermolen
1099 Experimental evaluation of the flexural stiffness of different external fixators Villa
766 Comparison of finite element models for the tympanic membrane Volandri
614 Stress-strain analysis of different type of hip joint implant Vosynek
737 Diverging screw angles are disadvantageous for the stability of locked plate constructs. Wähnert
196 Assessment of Upper Limb Kinematics using Stereophotogrammetry during a Computer Prescribed Unilateral Reaching Task Warner
673 Geometric Morphometric Methods: Assessing The Sensitivity of the Final Warped Form to the Geometry of the Original Watson
660 Validation of a Morphometric Reconstruction Technique Through the Use of Finite Element Analysis Watson
557 The Effect of Unloading on the Migration of Rat Tail Tendon Cells Way
702 Performance of Tapered Hard Bearing Liners in Deformed Press-Fit Shells Weidmann
262 Novel Fixation vs. Pedicle Screw Fixation in the Thoracic and Lumbar Region Wessels
990 Comparison of knee joint kinematics using motion analysis and image registration Whatling
973 A validated finite element model of an angular-stable osteosynthesis system
used for treatment of large segmental bone defect
50 Fibre-optic measurement of spinal curvature: accuracy and reliability Williams
293 Adductor moment reduction in medial compartment knee OA via center of pressure modulation:  A prospective gait analysis study Wolf
380 Validation of passive kinematics of a physical knee model with simulated soft tissues Wong
305 High-Order Finite Element Approach for Soft-tissue Ultrasound Image Tracking Wu
608 A Novel Mechanobiological Model of Remodelling in Vascular Tissue Engineered Scaffolds Zahedmanesh
526 Developing a set-up for sideway fall testing of the proximal neck of the human femur Zani
457 Assessment of the Types of Acetabular Cup Using a Subject-Specific Pelvic Bone Model Zhang

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